Beersheba Vision

Beersheba Vision with Barry Rogers on Wednesdays at 1pm. Christian friends are supporting Israel and Jewish people in so many practical ways: (i) Australia has a special relationship with Israel through the history of our Anzac forefathers who fought and died for Israel in two world wars; (ii) Our Judeo/Christian roots and values are bedrock to Australian society; (iii) We stand in solidarity with the Jewish people against antisemitism; (iv) We can progress closer relationships between Israel and the true church.

Peace of Mind

Daphna and Ronen Cohen, Sundays, 10 am. A magazine show dealing in Hebrew and English dealing with a range of issues from around the world.

Here, There and Everywhere

Sundays at 7pm Maskit and Evya touch base on topics such as music, culture, media, the environment and relatable day-to-day happenings. “We’re here to let loose and enjoy being in the moment,” they say.

Road to Recovery

Ben Morley is on the Road to Recovery. His incredible journey of hope, inspiration and self-discovery goes from drug addiction to saving lives to helping families reconnect. It’s an hour of powerful radio on J-AIR 87.8FM every Tuesday night at six.

The Baum Interviews

J-AIR’s roving reporter and motivational speaker, Hanna Baum, is a specialist in communications and English as a second language. She brings her educational experience to her radio career, initially at Radio National, to her interviews in our Jewish and general communities, including multi-faith.

King Hits

Sundays at midday lecturer and critic, Greg King, goes behind the scenes to talk with film and theatre identities about the entertainment landscape in Melbourne..

Amol Un Haynt

Michael Zylberman, Sundays, 3 pm
Topical magazine show in Yiddish from around the world and Melbourne.