Israel On My Mind

Israel On My Mind is hosted by Australian Jono Vandor (pictured) and Ross Nichols. The program showcases the ‘good news’ stories from Israel, awesome Israeli technical inventions, and other stories of interest for the many people who support Israel. And if you are calling Israel (the people and the land) home, whether you are a Jew or a gentile supporter of Israel, you will love this show!

Glen Eira Working Together

J-AIR and the City of Glen Eira have combined to present a new weekly program of vital importance to the 153,000 residents of Glen Eira. Your one-hour local radio guide for dealing with this crisis.

The Tamar Yonah Show

Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays at 3pm, Israel News Talk Radio’s Tamar Yonah, the daughter of a Holocaust survivor, is known for her no-nonsense, straight-shooting commentary on Middle East affairs.

Open Minds

Wednesdays, noon
Open minds is a chat show hosted by two informal but well informed bearded men, namely Bernard Korbman and Dominic Carter. Both have walked very different paths in life, but have ended up in the same place, at the same time, with the same Jew-ish sense of humour. Is that a coincidence? We think not. Or maybe we do. Find out the answer to this and many other conundrums (or is it conundra?) by tuning in to this quirky but very enjoyable show.
They are joined every week by a special guest to discuss a variety of issues such as politics, art, music, philosophy, religion, current affairs and culture. These wide ranging topics are approached with curiosity, respect and dry wit. And above all, an open mind.

On the Ball

Simon Morawetz, Mondays, 8 pm Simon Morawetz and his team, Simon and Aron, recap the weekend of sport and add a touch of sports insight and a bit of fun.

Radio Forum

Roman Mirkus, Rami Teplitskiy, Mondays, 7 pm Catch up in Russian with the latest from Melbourne and the rest of the world.
Russian language program is infused with upbeat music, compelling interviews and keen observations

The Angels

Marie Budimir and Kendra Abay on Mondays at 5 pm. Social commentary at its quirky, biting best, along with a few laughs and some great music.

Hebrew Music

Listen to great classics, contemporary songs and modern tracks right here at J-AIR Online and 87.8 FM.