Ten K Radius

Fridays, 10am Gary Mallin – journalist, writer, and odd-jobs man – has worked in the Australian media for almost 50 years. He hosts TenKradius with Max Lasky and Morris Mond, and presents light entertainment, the Lives of Others, Yiddish Words of the Week, Around the Shtetl and The World According to Morris.

The Israel Connexion

David Schulberg, Wednesday, 4 pm
For the news behind the news.
In collaboration with experts from all walks of life, who specialise in various aspects of Israel’s political life, arts and culture you will hear in depth interviews delving into issues affecting Israel and on topics to do with Israelis and their involvements around the world.
If you miss any of the programs on ‘The Israel Connexion’ you can catch all the podcasts of previous programs here on the site.

Talking Tachlis

Leon Gettler, Fridays, 9 am A round-up of the week’s politics, global affairs, economics, business, arts and culture.

Nothing Left Files

Alan Freedman and Michael Burd, Tuesdays, 4 pm.
You will enjoy their past interviews either for first or second time.

Kvetch with Sless

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