Israel On My Mind

Israel On My Mind is hosted by Australian Jono Vandor (pictured) and Ross Nichols. The program showcases the ‘good news’ stories from Israel, awesome Israeli technical inventions, and other stories of interest for the many people who support Israel. And if you are calling Israel (the people and the land) home, whether you are a Jew or a gentile supporter of Israel, you will love this show!

Oneg Shabbat

Oneg Shabbat, hosted by Daphna Cohen, is a feel good magazine to help you get through Shabbat lunchtime in a joyful way. Oneg Shabbat is for the Jewish community, will be broadcast mainly in Hebrew and will try to bring a variety of issues. We will have live interviews, unique stories, and of course, great music. Please join us for a Shabbat afternoon delight.

Glen Eira Working Together

J-AIR and the City of Glen Eira have combined to present a new weekly program of vital importance to the 153,000 residents of Glen Eira. Your one-hour local radio guide for dealing with this crisis.

Beersheba Vision

Beersheba Vision with Peter Kentley on Wednesdays at 1pm. Christian friends are supporting Israel and Jewish people in so many practical ways: (i) Australia has a special relationship with Israel through the history of our Anzac forefathers who fought and died for Israel in two world wars; (ii) Our Judeo/Christian roots and values are bedrock to Australian society; (iii) We stand in solidarity with the Jewish people against antisemitism; (iv) We can progress closer relationships between Israel and the true church.

Issues and Impacts with Steven Meyer

Steven Meyer graduated as a theoretical physicist back in prehistoric times when you had to do calculations using slide-rules and log tables. Never mind computers. He thought small hand-held calculators were leading-edge technology. He has spent most of his life as a statistician upsetting people with his conclusions. Today, his two passionate interests are cycling and how advances in science and technology have impacted the lives of people. He no longer uses a slide-rule to perform calculations. Rise of the robots, North Korean nukes, climate change, new cancer therapies, budget deficits and surpluses, trade wars. All big issues. But how will they affect you and the lives of your children? We search for answers.

Peace of Mind

Daphna and Ronen Cohen, Sundays, 10 am. A magazine show dealing in Hebrew and English dealing with a range of issues from around the world.

The Baum Interviews

J-AIR’s roving reporter and motivational speaker, Hanna Baum, is a specialist in communications and English as a second language. She brings her educational experience to her radio career, initially at Radio National, to her interviews in our Jewish and general communities, including multi-faith.

1200 seconds

Tuesdays at 11pm, and repeated on Thursday at 3pm, Michal Carmel presents her culture, news and music program in Hebrew.