Issues and Impacts with Steven Meyer

Steven Meyer graduated as a theoretical physicist back in prehistoric times when you had to do calculations using slide-rules and log tables. Never mind computers. He thought small hand-held calculators were leading-edge technology. He has spent most of his life as a statistician upsetting people with his conclusions. Today, his two passionate interests are cycling and how advances in science and technology have impacted the lives of people. He no longer uses a slide-rule to perform calculations. Rise of the robots, North Korean nukes, climate change, new cancer therapies, budget deficits and surpluses, trade wars. All big issues. But how will they affect you and the lives of your children? We search for answers.

The Baum Interviews

J-AIR’s roving reporter and motivational speaker, Hanna Baum, is a specialist in communications and English as a second language. She brings her educational experience to her radio career, initially at Radio National, to her interviews in our Jewish and general communities, including multi-faith.

Schlepping and Schmoozing

Alex Dafner, Leon Gettler, Thursdays, 5 pm
The latest in Australian and world news – with a focus on Australian, Global, Israeli, Middle-Eastern, Jewish news and current events.

The Israel Connexion

David Schulberg, Wednesday, 4 pm
For the news behind the news.
In collaboration with experts from all walks of life, who specialise in various aspects of Israel’s political life, arts and culture you will hear in depth interviews delving into issues affecting Israel and on topics to do with Israelis and their involvements around the world.
If you miss any of the programs on ‘The Israel Connexion’ you can catch all the podcasts of previous programs here on the site.

Walter’s World

Walter Bingham, Tuesdays, 11 am Walter Bingham is a veteran journalist and broadcaster from London who now lives in Jerusalem. In his weekly programme he presents news, views and interviews from Israel and the rest of the Jewish world. Walter’s reports are virtually pictures in sound.

Nothing Left Files

Alan Freedman and Michael Burd, Tuesdays, 4 pm.
You will enjoy their past interviews either for first or second time.